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Tyler Berd by Alyssa Alarcón Santo

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New Music Video: “Remote”


Tyler Berd sings seasick folk songs across a miniature nylon string guitar. His music is surreal and conversational, direct and rambling. He first scared up regional noise around Boston with the frenetic live performances of his band Bellwire, whom Dig Boston called "quick-witted, wordy, power pop akin to Elvis Costello or early-day Pavement." He'll be touring in support of two upcoming singles off his first full-length album, Tyler Berd and his Deputies, out this fall.

"Crafty inventive songs infused with humor, wit and absurdity" - La Crosse Tribune

"Troubadour folk meets introspective bedroom pop in a collision of styles and expectations." - Independent Clauses

Tyler on daytrotter | tylerberd.com | bandcamp | facebook

Bellwire on: bandcamp | facebook | spotify | music video

Tyler Berd by Sam Rheaume

Tyler Berd by Mike Truong